Kenya, Nairobi
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Kenyan Election

Over the next few weeks, I will be making some extra posts as there have been some important recent events. This is the first of such posts.

I won’t go into the details. You can read about that on your preferred news sources. Many friends have asked about this, so I will address it.

Yes, Kenya had an election. Yes, it was mostly peaceful. There was some violence, but this was not a repeat of 2007.

(Keep in mind I was out of the country. Also, there was nothing in area where we live. Other neighborhoods did hear gunshots in the background. Again, please read the news or other blog accounts for more information. I don’t speak for everyone.)

Yes, the Kenyan Supreme Court rules the presidential election to be null and void. There will be another election, president only and no new candidates, on October 17th (as of the time I write this post).

I have no opinion on the outcome. I have no opinion at all other than I want things to go peacefully and follow Kenya’s constitution. So far, that is the case. I don’t see any reason to worry. In fact, maybe I’m a little jealous. I wish we could have do-over in the U.S.


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