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Pop Up Market at Peponi Springs

We would often drive past Peponi Springs and take a peek, wondering what the place is like. It looks nice as you drive by along Kitisuru Road at the junction of Peponi Road. A few weeks ago, we finally went there. It’s even nicer when you step inside. It’s like a secret garden tucked away in the valley.

What finally brought us inside the gates of Peponi Springs was the last Pop Up Market of the season, featuring Sambara Fashion, Maasai Treads, Mandla, The House of Cindimini, and more. There were tons of cute stalls, which was good because we had some last minute gift buying to do before home leave.

Peponi Springs - 7Peponi Springs - 8

Even if you didn’t want to shop, there was plenty of food and drink. Peponi Springs is known for their nyama choma (Kenyan barbecue). We didn’t have any, but we’ll be back to check it out. There were plenty of drinks (well priced too). Providing musical entertainment was Nairobi Soul Club. There was plenty of room for kids to run around, plus they had a bouncy castle to keep kids entertained while the adults did whatever it is we adults do.

Peponi Springs - 18.jpg

Peponi Springs - 3Peponi Springs - 5

The grounds are amazing. Like a Tardis, it’s bigger on the inside. You really feel as though you stepped into a magical fairy land. There is a stream (the springs I suppose), lots of little paths, and even a grotto.

Peponi Springs - 6Peponi Springs - 9Peponi Springs - 10Peponi Springs - 11Peponi Springs - 12Peponi Springs - 13Peponi Springs - 14Peponi Springs - 15Peponi Springs - 16Peponi Springs - 17

Another great thing: Peponi Springs is dog friendly!

And, the plan is to have more Pop Up Markets in the future – the next one is this coming Sunday, 27 August. If you’re in Nairobi, you should check them out.

Here are the details about Peponi Springs. (And, yes, we will go back to try the food. A review will be coming!)

Peponi Springs

0725 336644

In Spring Valley, Peponi Road, just before the junction with Kitisuru Road.


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