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Review: Wasp & Sprout

I found a cute place near me! I had been meaning to check it out for so long and I really wish I searched it out sooner. Wasp & Sprout is my new favorite place in Nairobi!

It’s a really cute cafe/shop in Loresho, tucked inside the Loresho Shopping Center on Loresho Ridge Road. Once you get there (parking is pretty decent, by the way), go to the left of the apartment buildings. You’ll walk a little bit into an alleyway. Then go up the stairs at the building on the right.

The space is really nice with ample tables, comfortable chairs and outside seating as well. Toward the back is the shop.

WaspAndSprout - 5WaspAndSprout - 4WaspAndSprout - 2WaspAndSprout - 3

The food was really good. I went specifically because on Fridays and Saturdays they now feature oyster specials from the Indian Ocean Oyster Company.

WaspAndSprout - 1

WaspAndSprout - 11

J. got the fish tacos.

WaspAndSprout - 12

Accompanying the tacos

WaspAndSprout - 8


WaspAndSprout - 6

Great drinks!

I’m not a big “work at a cafe” person, but I want to go back one afternoon and do just that. The space is that nice. It’s lively without being overly loud. It’s cozy and comfortable but not cramped.

How did they get their great name?

“The Wasp symbolizes the resilience of Africa and its people. Sprout, the new beginning and growth of our team.”

Indeed. The whole concept started out with a single mother who needed to provide for her family. It’s now grown to a successful cafe and shop with a team of local artisans selling their hand crafted ware. So, not only are you indulging in great food and drink and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, you’re also helping local artists. It doesn’t get better than that.


Loresho Shopping Center on Loresho Ridge Road

Mon-Thursday: 8am-5pm

Friday: 8am-8pm

Sat/Sun/Public Holiday: 8am-2p

Check their Facebook page for up to date details.


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