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Review: The Arbor

The other night we did something wild and crazy. We went out on a school night…and…we crossed Waiyaki Way. This kind of shenanigans is simply not done! But, we did it. Why? We got a voucher via some friend to The Arbor and we needed to use it before it expired. (Thank you Sarah and Andreas!)

Being old, we got there a little past 7 pm and were the only ones there. They were happy to serve us and it was kind of nice to have the place to ourselves. If you want things more lively I would suggest going around 8:30—people started to come in around the time we left. (This is much easier to do if you live south of Waiyaki Way.)

The food was good. They have a mix of fare ranging from classic pub fare appetizers, to Asian, to standard meat and potatoes (which is what I got). The food was good. The house wine was decent. The atmosphere was nice. You really can’t ask for more.

Arbor - 6.jpg

Arbor - 4

Arbor - 5.jpg

Arbor - 3.jpg

The restaurant is part of a small complex that includes a day spa, a shop, and a plant store. It all kind of works together. The area is open and airy yet feel cozy. Can I get a place like this closer to where I live, please?


The Arbor Cafe

Open Tuesday-Sunday

904 James Gichuru Road, Lavington

PS They also  have a cool sink by the bathrooms!

Arbor - 1


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