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Back to Work

Well, sort of back to work. My sabbatical is over. It’s time to ease back into the workforce.

For now, I’m taking it slow. We will be away for a month for home leave (every two years…wow it’s been two years!). I am not going to work during that time. That is reserved for my loved ones and shopping. (We’ll actually have some time to take in the city and enjoy New York this trip. We miss home.)

I have reached out to people and let them I’ll be available. There are some things in the pipeline but nothing solid yet. I’m not worried though. One thing I’ve learned is that there will always be work. There will not always be time to enjoy life and take care of myself.

That’s where my sabbatical really helped. I feel rested and refreshed. I’m ready to work again. And—this is the best part—I have a clearer sense of what projects I want to take on and how much I want to work. That’s what excites me the most: I figured out the way I want to work.

As I said, it’s a slow pace right now, which is fine…good actually. Come September I think things will pick up and I’ll be ready.



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