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Review: M/Y Voyager

For our Red Sea dive trip we stayed aboard the M/Y Voyager.  We did the seven day tour of the Sudanese Red Sea. Details about the trip, the diving, and what we saw can be found on my last few posts. This post is all about the boat itself.

For the boat – I give it 5 stars out of 5

For service- I give it 3.5 stars out of 5

Overall, the boat was great. It’s in good shape. It has ample room both in the common areas and in the cabins (ample for a cabin). Hot water and electricity were never an issue.

The boat can accommodate 25 guests in 7 double cabins, 1 bunk bed cabin, 1 triple cabin, 2 double bed cabins and 1 suite. The main salon is comfortable and spacious and there is also an upstairs bar area and sun deck (partly covered). Plus there’s an upper level sun deck.

Sudan iPhone - 7

Main Salon

Sudan iPhone - 9

Our Cabin

Sudan iPhone - 11

Dive Deck

Also, if you want a bit of a tour, J. shot video from walking around the boat.

As for service, it was mostly good but rough around the edges.

The good:

  • Excellent food
  • Plenty of food
  • Excellent dive master

The rough parts:

  • Not enough beer or wine (we ran out and there was no red wine)
  • The crew was a little weird on the dive deck. Many of us had to tell them to give us space to get ready and to not rush us. Also, I don’t need help getting into my wetsuit. After the first instance, when someone came up behind me and yanked me up off the ground by pulling at the wait of my wetsuit, I told them to back off.
  • We had to remind them a few times to change the towels.

Again, overall it was good. I would go on that boat again, especially knowing that I can set some dive deck ground rules up front.

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