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Knitting Experiment

Some of you know that I am a knitter. In past blog posts I’ve written about knitting and the struggle of finding yarn in Kenya. It is tough.

I’ve been experimenting with yarn from Spinner’s Web. It’s soft enough. It comes in pretty colors. However, the yarn weight isn’t even. A given ball of yarn can range in thickness from lace weight (like a string) to super-bulky.

This issue causes two problems:

  1. You can really only do stockinette or garter stitch. Color work, cables, ribbing, and other elements just don’t work. You can see the issue with the ribbed hem of a sweater.

Knitting - 3

2. Getting a size right is tough. I made a sweater for myself that fits fine. (It was in DK weight yarn.) I used that same pattern with the Spinner’s Web yarn (thinking that DK might be a good mid-weight example thickness to use as a baseline) and the sweater has come out child size. It will fit a 10- or 11-year-old. I am an experienced knitter so I know the problem isn’t me. The problem is that with the yarn varying so much, it is hard to know what to shoot for in order to get the size you really want.

I’m going to try again with a cardigan, aiming for a much larger size with the hope of getting something that actually fits me. We’ll see how that goes. If it doesn’t work then I won’t make any more sweaters from their yarn.

I’m trying another pattern as well. There is a scarf I made with worsted weight yarn that could work with this yarn. So far it’s coming along nicely in terms of texture, but we’ll see how length and width work out.

Knitting - 2

I don’t know how much more I’ll experiment with this yarn. It’s not fun to have to take wild guesses on sizing and yarn amounts. I might talk to the people there to see if they can spin their yarn to even even weights.

In the meantime, I’ll be buying tons of yarn every time I’m in Europe or the US. Anyone coming to visit soon? Can I order yarn through you?


  1. Lynne says

    I love the design of that scarf….I’m coming to Kenya in July but all my bags are full 😦 sorry


    • Thanks! You can find the pattern on Ravelry. I’m going to the US this summer and will stock up. Plus I have a trip to Germany this fall that will also involve yarn shopping.



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