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I Used To Be Driven

Now, I’m driving. I’m taking the car a few days a week. I pretty much only need to hire a driver for one-off trips. This is a very new thing for me.

I like it. I never really understood the sense of freedom people felt with having a car. Living in New York, why would I need one? It’s a maintenance. You have to garage it or move it every day (every other day?) because of street cleaning. It was a pain to have a car.

Now, I’m loving it. I’m comfortable on the road. I still hate parking lots but I’m fine with them. I love being able to go where I want, when I want, without having to plan every single excursion.

I’m all about the car. I even want us to get a second car. We don’t need one. I can drop off J. and pick him up from school work. It’s not necessary for us to have two vehicles.

But, I want my own. Actually, I want the one we have now as my own and for J. to get another one.

I thought about making this part of my Trying New Things series of posts…but it’s not trying something new. It’s part of the evolution of me.

I drive now.

Special Note to my friend JD in Alaska: You’ll go through this same journey.

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