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Review: Olerai House

This past Easter we spent the four-day weekend at Olerai House in Navaisha. We had a fantastic time. You can read about it and see the video in my last two posts. It was a truly unique experience.

The best part, for me, was the set up. There isn’t a big common area, but each room is spacious with lots of sitting and lounging space should the rains take you inside. Lucky for us, it was clear and we got to hang around in the many cushioned lounge areas set up outside.

You can sit or lie down and just watch the animals walk by you—literally right by you. The zebra were constant companions, coming quite close. We also had giraffe strolling along. In the distance we could see waterbuck, gazelle, buffalo, and baboons. Some hippos came up toward the evening. (The staff keeps you safe so no worry about charging hippos. Also, they constantly clean up so no worry about zebra poops….zebras do like to poop. I’m happy to say that while I watched my step in a couple areas, it wasn’t a minefield and I didn’t need to worry about stepping in poop.)

Olerai - 6


Our room was very nice. It was big. The bed was comfortable.

Olerai - 8

Olerai - 7

Olerai House - our cottage

There were lots of little things that made the room very user friendly:

  • An outlet near a mirror, which made drying my hair much easier
  • A larger power strip so you can charge whatever needs charging
  • A tray of amenities in the bathroom, beyond just soap and shampoo
  • Robes
  • Skylights to let in tons of light but keep things private

Olerai - 12

Olerai - 13.jpg

Service was very good. People were attentive but not hovering…except for one guy and I’ll get to that. We felt pampered but not pressured.

The food could have been better. It wasn’t bad, but for the price we paid, we should have been given option at each meal. You just got whatever they made. You can tell them dietary restrictions, so that’s not a concern. But, still, a choice between two or three main courses would have been nice.

This leads to the one guy who was annoying. He served the meals and was in charge of meal service overall. He was incredibly pushy with the food. He kept pushing us to take more with each serving, pushing harder if we didn’t want seconds. It was rather intrusive. I stopped being polite at one point and told him to just stop it.

If I have any suggestions for Olerai it’s to tell that guy to back off and to offer guests a choice in meals.

Other than that, I loved it. It was the perfect place for a perfect long weekend.


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