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Trying New Things: #3 Colors

Public Domain Stock Photo of colored pencils

I like black. I like gray. I like neutral tones. I prefer solids over patterns and prints. None of that is going to change. At the end of the day, my closet will remain dark and neutral. Most colors will be muted, like maroon or olive green. But…I’ve been breaking out into some colors, real colors.

I’ve done accent colors before. I do like red even for an entire piece of clothing. But I’m exploring beyond the safety of red. (Yes, red is a safe color. It’s bold without being creative.)

I’m even going into…PRINTED CLOTHING!

This is a big deal. BFD. It’s brand new thing for me.

How did it start? It started when I got a gauzy, cotton kurta to wear in Stone Town, Zanzibar. I liked it and felt I should get another. I got it in yellow.

color - 1

Granted, this is just sort of like a cover up for the beach or to wear in places where women need to dress modestly. Still, it’s a bright color. Really, freaking yellow.

Then a friend of mine started a clothing line. (You can see some of her work featured in my Fashion High Tea post. Sambara Fashions, if you’re interested. Her website will be up soon and she ships all over the world.) I got a few of her tops and dresses. You must admit, this is bold for me. Yet, it feels natural and right.

color - 2color - 3

Mind you, I won’t be living my life in Kitenge, but it’s nice to have these splashes of fun in my wardrobe.




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