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Easter Weekend

J. has been traveling almost nonstop for work. I’ve been holding down the fort on my own in the meantime. We both needed a break. Thankfully, we had the four day weekend from Good Friday through Easter Weekend. We escaped to Navaisha!

We got up early and beat the traffic out of Nairobi and enjoyed the drive along the Rift Valley escarpment. We arrived at Olerai House (review to come soon) a bit before lunch. Then, we let the relaxing begin!

We did not do much, and that was the point. We spent most of our time lazing about, napping, reading, playing video games (J.), and knitting (me). All this was done outside in the presence of zebras and giraffe strolling by, sometimes quite close!

Zebra outside our cottage

Zebra outside our cottage


Zebras hanging out

Olerai - 3


Olerai - 4

Checking out the lunch scene

Olerai - 6

Hanging in the shade

Olerai - 5

Even the babies came right up

We also some some hippo. They come up from the lake at night to feed. We saw one right outside our cottage Friday night. Sunday we saw one come up in the early evening. An adolescent male, in bad shape, came right up outside another cottage and happily munched away.


Hippo first spotted outside someone’s bathroom window


Hippo munching away


Hippo – up early for food

The drought has been tough on the animals. This male had been in a lot of fights and had a lot of injuries. He was also skinny. You could see his spine along the top and you should never see that on a hippo. Still, what he lacked in brawn he more than made up for in brains. He got up out of the lake early and got to the grass first!

We did move a little bit and decided to take a long hike Saturday morning up along Olerai Ridge. It’s an easy to medium level hike. I’d say more medium if you’re out of shape. It’s pretty easy if you’re already fairly active. Whatever your level, I recommend it. The view over Lake Navaisha at the top is gorgeous and the trail is fun, with only one small tricky part—nothing as tricky as Hell’s Gate or as hard as Mt. Longonot. You can do this.

View of Lake Navaisha

View of Lake Navaisha


Our guide looking out over the lake


Pretty scenery of a once volcanic landscape

Giraffe on the way back from the hike

Giraffe on the way back from the hike

After the hike we went back to chilling out. It was a fantastic way to spend the long weekend!


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