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Review: River Cafe

River Cafe

The other week I met up with a friend at the River Cafe in the Karura Forest. It was a beautiful day and the setting was just perfect. The cafe is open air, but covered so you’re protected from the sun and rain. You feel like you’re dining outside.

Our View

Our View

The atmosphere is laid back and comfortable. Too boot, the place is dog friendly. Not only that, but they make sure no dogs are too close to one another and they provide water and bowls for the dogs.

The service was a touch slow, but not bad. Everyone was very friendly, so I was okay with things taking a little time given the great hospitality. The food was pretty good. They messed up both our orders. For me, my poached eggs (they asked how I wanted them and I said very runny) came out a bit too firm and my friend’s vegetarian meal came with bacon (uh oh!). I dealt fine with my eggs—they were still yummy. The waiter came back quickly with the right order for my friend and she enjoyed her meal as well.

The food is very fresh and they have weekly specials. The menu looked pretty good and it wasn’t easy to choose from the great selection.

Specials from the menu

Specials from the menu

To get to the cafe, take the Karura Forest entrance off of Limuru Road. Drive along the path until you see the sign for the cafe. There is ample parking. Also, a cute little band will great you when you arrive.

Froggy Band

Froggy Band


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