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Two Rivers Mall

Two Rivers Mall has opened, thankfully without any caged up dolphins. The mall is still pretty empty, but some stores and restaurants are open. The key store, Carrefour is open, which makes life easier.

TwoRivers - 6

A different store from what’s usually in the shopping centers of Nairobi.

Overall the mall is nice. It’s an alternative to Village Market. There are plenty of the same shops (boring) but some other ones too. I’m hoping (probably in vain) that there might be some smaller boutiques and small businesses opening up in the mall. If not, then I’ll mostly be going just to the Carrefour.

The overall feel is very much like an airport.

TwoRivers - 1

The skylights give good lighting

TwoRivers - 2

Mall or a Middle Eastern airport?

TwoRivers - 9

Departure gate? Actually it’s the entrance to the waterpark that is still under construction.

It’s nice and airy…but still like an airport.

The restaurants are still opening up. The one that’s open and running is Nove. It’s decent. It’s not amazing, but it’s solid. Sadly, they changed their menu. They used to have a nice weekend brunch menu but no longer offer it.

In addition to the Carrefour, there is a Chandarana. It seems odd to have to two grocery stores in the same mall, but there it is. It’s a lot nicer than the other Chandaranas I’ve seen. It’s clean, well stocked, and they have a nice deli counter.

As for the flagship store of the mall, Carrefour, it’s great. I snuck in a few pictures:

TwoRivers - 10

TwoRivers - 11

I love the lanes with priority for the disabled and for pregnant women

It’s just a mall. But, it gives us some options for those of us in the northern part of the city.




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