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Trying New Things: #1 German

Trying new things is a theme for this year. One of those things is learning a new language. I chose German. How, you might ask, does one decide to learn German while living in Kenya?

I thought about taking a proper Swahili class, and I might do so in the future. (In the meantime I’m learning bits and pieces on my own.) I thought about French, as it might be easier for me because I can speak Spanish (although I really need to practice so I can really speak as opposed to just being able to read it at this point). Then I thought about German because many of the friends I’m making are German speakers.

Yes, we speak in English. But, why not take advantage of the opportunity to naturally practice when I’m out socializing? Also, I found out that I could take lessons at The German School (Deutsche Schule Nairobi).

I don’t live far from the school. It’s a small class. It meets once a week. It’s not intensive. It can be as serious or as lax as you want.

I find myself in the middle. I want to learn. I don’t want to add stress to my life, so I don’t want an intensive…not yet anyway. I might get more serious later.

So far it’s been good for me. The others in the class are a nice mix of people, locals and expats. It’s a nice group of people and I’m having fun!



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