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Review: Urgent Cargo

For our move within Nairobi, we used Urgent Cargo. They were professional, timely, and did a great job. I highly recommend them. I give them 95 out of 100 points. I’ll explain the points later. The main thing to know is that they’ll arrive on time, pack up all your stuff, and deliver it safely to your new home (and unpack if you want them to).


The truck at our new place


Reusable boxes means less waste!

As for the points…they lost ten points because of how they packed my clothes. I gave EXPLICIT instruction that the clothes were to go in a wardrobe box and stay hung. They kept the clothes on the hangers but laid then flat, folding over skirts and dresses, and then put shoes on top. I was pissed off. I was really pissed off. You do not disrespect a woman’s wardrobe!

They could have ruined a few evening dresses and my leather jacket. They did crumple some of my clothes. But, nothing was damaged.

I calmly but very firmly explained what they did wrong and why I was so pissed. They seemed to understand and were truly sorry. Because of that, and because everything came out all right (no damage), I’ll give them five points back.

Despite this, I’d still use them again. I still highly recommend them. Just watch them carefully as they pack women’s clothes (J.’s clothes were all fine…and oddly enough, this packing happened when I was at the new house and J. was overseeing…this could be a factor).

If you’re in Nairobi and want to use Urgent Cargo, you can contact them via phone (+254 709 084300) or email (customerservice@urgentcargo.com).



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