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We are in our new home! We didn’t move far, but it made all the difference. Our new place is much better.

The move itself went about as well as it could have gone. It was stressful. It was draining. Between the packing, shuttling small stuff, the actual move, and the initial settling in, it was three weeks of torture.

But now we’re starting to get comfortable. We’re starting to really settle into the new space and be able to enjoy it.

So far, my favorite things about the house include:

  • Bigger kitchen
  • Gorgeous garden, not just a yard, a real garden (see main photo for a glimpse)
  • A garage
  • Not having to share my desk with J. as he has been sent to the basement given a man cave for all his manly items
  • Much more stable power and water

It was an upgrade and it’s making life much nicer!

Here are a few more shots from the same part of the garden. You have to admit, Kenyan roses are amazing!




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