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Fashion High Tea

A couple weeks ago, I attended the Fashion High Tea with some friends. The event was held at Zen Garden and included food, drinks, music, artisan stalls where you could shop, and of course a fashion show. I didn’t stay for the fashion show.

I would have, but things kicked off at 2 pm and I had another event that night. I needed to pace myself and take a breather in between. This is not to say that I didn’t have fun.


Yummy Food




Champagne with amazing coconut milk Mexican chocolate ice cream!

It was nice to dress up and be out with girlfriends. It was nice to be out in a setting that was casual and not stuffy, and yet everyone looked fantastic. My friend, @anelegentleman on Instagram, would have approved of the event and of all the stylish people in attendance (men too!).

Several of the most fashionable were wearing designs by my friend Sarah (in the white, red, and yellow dress). I was off brand but I changed into one of her dresses later that night for a party. Her designs were a big hit. Maybe next year she’ll be featured at the fashion show! I’ll post more about her clothing line soon.

Did I buy anything? Yes. I got these little pouches from a shop called Kangarui. I’m going to keep one and give two as gifts.

I also am thinking about the following items.

Mtazamo is a home security system that allows you remotely monitor. It’s also very sleek. I’ll have J. look into it as he’s the security expert in our family.

Rosenkrantz (there is no Guildenstern…I asked…they didn’t get it) is a designer based in Tanzania. All the metal and semiprecious stones are ethically and ecologically sourced. The jewelry is simple and elegant. I wasn’t ready to shell out money right then and there, but I see a purchase in the new future.

Overall it was a lot of fun and I’m excited to go again next year.

P.S. I did not buy this hat.


Hat, or a flying saucer?


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