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Not Helpless Abroad

There are things you can do as an expat to fight what’s going on back in the US. Maybe you can’t call as easily. Maybe you no longer are a resident of a given state. There is still plenty you can do. You’re not helpless.

Write to your representative in congress, or to the representative of your last home state or the state where you intend to return.

Join the ACLU.

Find a group of American expat activists. I recently did and it helps so much to gather together in this fight. 

Make your voice heard on Twitter and Instagram. (It’s a wider audience than Facebook.)

Look to organizations such as the Womens March and their 10 Actions 100 Days campaign for more ideas. Every ten days they post a new action we can take.

The distance makes things a little harder for us, but we can still fight. Besides, at this point, what’s happening isn’t just an American issue. It’s a global crisis.

Each of us, no matter where we are, can take part in this fight. 



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