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Review: Skypro Limited

As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, it’s not all glamour and travel as an expat. Sometimes you have take care of business and get things fixed. A few weeks ago, my old Mac just stopped working.

Hmmm…what do I do? Well, this is something that’s a pain in the tush even back home. How do I take care of this in Nairobi?

It was easy. Really. So easy.

I called Abraham at Skypro Limited. (You can message me if you want Abraham’s direct line.) They took care of everything.

Because I am sometimes too lazy to put on pants and leave my house, I had them come pick up the Mac. A messenger came via boda boda (here’s where you have to put your trust in the universe and just go with it) and picked up my laptop. Abraham confirmed when he had it in front of him.

A couple days later, he contacted me to let me know what needed to be fixed, the cost, and estimated time. It wouldn’t take long at all. The cost was incredibly reasonable. And then, when it was ready, he called to arrange to deliver it back me.

It arrived via boda boda and everything was working again. Like I said, so easy!

The service was well prices, efficient, and very professional. I cannot recommend Skypro enough! They are amazing! If you have a Mac that needs some TLC, Skypro will take care of you.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you very much for the good review and recommendations, when you have time feel free to passby and we shall get your mac all serviced at our expense..

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