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An Activist Abroad

That fuzzy, gray square isn’t pretty. It’s hard to look at it. It’s uncomfortable. It’s unhappy. It’s how I feel. However, I can’t go on feeling like this every day.

I need to find a way to cope with what is happening to America. Mind you, when I say cope I don’t mean normalize nor do I mean I’ll resign myself to what’s happening. I mean I need to deal with it, accept it, and then fight with all my might.

I’m going to pull away from the Facebook political conversations and reposts (although I’m sure I’ll still like a bunch of political posts). I’m not changing anyone’s minds on there. I’ll save my energy for things that can actually make a difference.

I’ll still use social media and I’ll post some politics on this blog. I’ll lose some readers, but that’s okay. This fight is more important.

There will still be anecdotes of life in Kenya. There will still be reviews and travel posts. But I’ll be posting politics as well, from the view of an expat. After all, this is now part of my experience in Nairobi.

More than that, this fight may be the most important thing for America in my my lifetime. I will stand idle. 


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