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Hotel Review: Ocean Sports

We made our first real dive trip earlier this month. (Yes, we dove in Diani. That wasn’t a dive trip though.) We went to Watamu and we stayed at Ocean Sports.

We chose Ocean Sports because the dive shop we  booked with, Aqua Ventures, is based there. We wanted to be as close as possible to the dive shop as diving was the purpose of our trip. I’d say we did all right with our choice.

The hotel is nice, clean, and well managed. Our room was spacious. I booked a larger room because I thought we would bring our DSLR rigs. We didn’t, but we liked having the extra space.

OceanSports - 1.jpg

One thing I really liked about the room was that there was an outlet near the mirror. I could see what I was doing as I dried my hair! Hooray!


The only thing about the room is that it was a little bit run down. It wasn’t in bad shape. But it could use some refurbishing soon.

The food was okay. Fresh oysters were amazing, but the rest was just okay. But there was nothing really bad to report food-wise.

Service was really great for the most part. The breakfast crew was kind of…well, you could tell they didn’t want to be there. Everyone else was really great—nice, friendly, attentive.

The overall grounds were nice too. The main bar/eating area is outdoor and very open. It made for really pleasant post-dive relaxing lunches.


Would I go there again? Maybe. I might want to check out some of the private houses nearby instead, just for a change. But I have no qualms about going back. I highly recommend it for divers who want to be close to the dive shop. (Review on that to come soon.)





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