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Kiambethu Farm

The other week I took some time off of work and headed out with some friends to the Kiambethu Farm, just about 45 minutes outside of Nairobi. The farm was started in 1910 by AB McDonnell, the first person to grow, make and sell tea commercially in Kenya. The farm is now run by his granddaughter, Fiona Vernon. If you’re in Nairobi, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.

The Main House

The Main House

When you arrive, you can stroll along the main garden as you wait for the tour to begin. (The tour starts at 11 am.) Then, Fiona herself takes you out near the tea bushes and tells you about how tea is grown and harvested.


From there, you get a lovely cup of tea (or coffee if you prefer) and you sit and listen to how tea is made.

TeaFarm - 18.jpg


Some Colobus Monkeys came in and stole Fiona’s thunder while she attempted to teach us about the tea.

Monkeys at the Tea Farm from curriedpotato on Vimeo.

From there, you go on a short walk through the farm onto the forested part of the farm, which they choose to keep wild.


Forest Walk from curriedpotato on Vimeo.

After that, you get some drinks and can leisurely have lunch. We stayed for a few hours, enjoying the food and environment and letting the kids run around and play.


Advance booking is essential, cost is Kshs.3,300 per person all inclusive, children under 12 are half price. You can book online, call, or email.

Special thanks to Sarah R. for organzing this and for inviting me!

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