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Game Drive at Lake Nakuru National Park

The Christmas weekend was spent in Nakuru. On the 24th we decided to do a full day game drive. I highly recommend doing the full day drive, taking your lunch with you. You get to spend more time out and about and you get to have your lunch out in the bush.

I also recommend not doing too many days in Nakuru. It’s a small park. You only need a day or two max. We spent one day and we saw the whole park, not to mention a ton of animals.

The big attraction in Nakuru is rhino. We saw 11 white rhino altogether. I’ve been on a few game drives now and I’ve never seen so many rhino in one day, or even one safari.

White rhino

White rhino

That said, I’ve been on a game drives and I was plenty impressed by Nakuru. It’s small, but the park is gorgeous and filled with wildlife. In addition to rhino, we saw lion, hippo, a rock hyrax, plenty of giraffe and zebra and much more.


We also saw a lot of birds.


One thing to note is that Lake Nakuru no longer attracts as many flamingo as before. That’s because the lake is flooded, although it is starting to recede. In the photo below you can see a road sign that is now in the lake.


If you’re in Nairobi, definitely make the three hour drive to spend a weekend in Nakuru. If you’re traveling to Kenya, there are plenty of airstrips around Nakuru. You can easily add it into a bigger safari and fly in from (or off to) the Mara or Samburu from there. Either way, local or globetrotter, you want Nakuru on your list.


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