Holidays, Kenya
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Holiday Recap

In 2015 we did a Christmas long weekend in Nanyuki. We liked doing that so much that we did a similar long weekend this past Christmas. This time, we decided to go to Nakuru.

It was a mostly pleasant three hour drive from Nairobi (the only snag was the traffic as we got close to Nakuru town). We spent three nights at the Mbweha Camp (review to come soon), which was lovely. While there, we spent a day at Nakuru National Park, one morning biking around the Soysambu Conservancy (you really can’t beat riding along with zebras!), and lots of relaxing. It was a great way to spend Christmas.


Out of Africa View Point


Setting up Christmas Eve Lunch

Christmas Lunch Overlooking the lake

Nice view!

We really love spending Christmas in Kenya and we plan to keep doing so for as long as we live here. It’s become our holiday tradition and I can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas. We’re thinking that for Christmas this year we’ll go spend a week in Lamu.

I’m curious about other expats. Do you go home? If you don’t, do you miss going home? Do you like spending the holidays abroad?


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