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Independent Consulting

Late last year, I wrote a piece on Medium about being an independent consultant. It’s something people don’t understand. Often, they think you’re not working or are in between jobs. They don’t get that it’s a choice.

It’s even less understood when you’re living abroad. I don’t have an employer (I have clients). Thus, there are people who think I don’t work. After all, I just followed my spouse right?

Also, I am working less (by choice). So, that means I no longer have a career. I just grab the pieces I can, right?

The attitudes are irritating and they are also flat out wrong. Some of this misperception comes from the idea that one spouse must be “trailing” and no longer has a career. But, a lot of the misperception is rooted in core fallacies about consulting (or freelancing, or contracting or whatever you want to call it) which I addressed in my Medium post.

If you are interested, you can read the article: Myths of Independent Consulting.


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