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Review: Scuba Caribe

The dive shop we used (on site at the Riu Creole) was Scuba Caribe. Overall, they were great. The instructors and dive masters are top notch. The crew was great. The shop is well organized. I have no complaints.

I do have a one suggestion though: get an additional boat, and a bigger one.

The benefits of this would be:

  • If one is down, the other is still available. The day we checked in with them they had to cancel the morning dive as the boat needed repair.
  • More room for when there are a lot of divers, and we had a  lot of divers most days.
  • Ability to have a camera bucket
  • A step off point so that people can do a giant stride to get into the water and have an easier way to get back onto the boat.

I wound up not taking my DSLR on most dives because of the last two bullets. Without the camera bucket, I got condensation on my lens. See below, you’ll see a blob of water that is on the port.


And since we had to ditch weights and BCDs before climbing out, it made things difficult in regard to carrying a large camera rig. I was worried about damaging the camera, hurting myself, or hurting someone else.

Not using the camera wasn’t a big deal. We still had good dives. But it would have been nice to be able to use it.

If you plan to dive in Le Morne, I highly recommend Scuba Caribe for service, safety, and fun diving. Just leave the big camera rig at home.


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