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Peace, Land, and Bread

Okay, just bread…but really good bread.

In between exploring Africa, we do plenty of mundane things in Nairobi. There are errands to run. There are groceries to get, otherwise we can’t eat. There are all the usual daily chores that everyone has to do no matter where one lives.

But, every now and then, there will be a moment of delight in the mundane. It’s those small but special things that keep a home happy. Our latest discovery is Brood.

I am not a big bread person (I have problems digesting grains. I’ll have it on rare occasions if I absolutely must or if it’s worth the consequences. Let’s not discuss that anymore.) J. loves his breads. We’ve had trouble finding quality bread in Nairobi.

Enter Brood. Brood is a high quality bakery using only natural ingredients. (FYI – Their breads are all sourdough, which, ahem, which helps those of us with digestive issues. Also, they have splet bread if you can’t have any wheat at all.) They originally opened in Amsterdam and then expanded to East Africa, first in Kampala, Uganda.

This year they opened in Kenya, including a stand in the Sarit Center, which is not far from us. Also, they deliver! Yay!

It’s a small thing. I know. Bread. Big deal. But it’s something that makes us happy and bring a little more joy to our day to day life.



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