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Review: Emerson Spice

One of the places I definitely wanted to go to in Stone Town was the Emerson Spice, a lovely hotel with a gorgeous rooftop restaurant. There is only one seating per night, and there are only 12 tables. So, I made sure we booked a reservation.

(I tried to book a few days in advance through the Blue Bay Beach Resort, but the utterly lazy staff at Guest Services only faked an attempt to call (right in front of us) and then said we should do it ourselves. Thanks. Luckily, on Monday, the day we wanted to go there, the Serena, where the staff is wonderful, booked it for us without any problem.)

Dinner was at 7 pm, but we went early at 6 so we could enjoy cocktails and watch the sun set over Stone Town.


Climbing up to the roof


The restaurant


The initial view

The five-course menu changes every night and they are really good about asking about any dietary restrictions. The wine list and cocktails were excellent. The service was amazing. It was a really great and delicious experience.

Here are some more pictures from that night.


Minaret of one of the many mosques


View of the sunset from our table


Sunset behind another minaret



Now that’s what I call twilight! That white speck in the sky is planet.

If you do, be sure to make a reservation. Likewise, if you can’t make it to Emerson Spice, their sister hotel, the nearby Emerson Hurumzi also has a nice rooftop restaurant.


  1. This looks so beautiful. Zanzibar is high on my hit list, but it will have to wait as we’ve just booked a trip to Namibia, which is also supposed to be out of this world. In the meantime I think I need to wind back and read your other Stone Town posts to whet my appetite. 🙂

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    • Mick Taplin says

      Namibia is fabulous and so is Zanzibar. Emerson Spice Hotel is exiquiste the rooms are themed and full of antiques and on one of our stays we met Emerson himself who was nothing other than charming. Sadly he passed away which was very sad however his Hotels live on and I can thoroughly recommend staying there.
      Cheers Mick

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