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Review: Blue Bay Beach Resort

For most of our stay in Zanzibar, we were at the Blue Bay Beach Resort. My review of the place is mixed. I wanted to love it, and could have, except for the service.

First let’s start with what was good:

  • Great beach area with lots of options for sun or shade
  • Not any looky looky boys and very few people bothering you on the beach
  • Really good food
  • Nice room
  • Great bathroom with fluffy towels and excellent water pressure
  • Nice pool area
  • Excellent gelato

Now, let’s get to the service…it was slow, which is to be expected. But it was slower than you’d usually have to deal with. There was also a certain amount of rude behavior from the staff at the bar.

The bartender lectured me and then made fun of me to other guests. How did that come about? I had ordered a daiquiri earlier in the day. It wasn’t made correctly. It had ice cubes in it instead of being a frozen drink. No problem. For my next one, I just wanted the drink without the ice cubes, in other words just the juice and rum. That’s when I got a lecture that without the ice it’s not a daiquiri.

I could have cut him short and told him that I knew what a daiquiri was and that, actually, he was making it wrong. But I played nice. Then, a half hour later, when I never got my drink, I went up to ask about it. He had forgotten. So I waited while he made it.

That’s when he started to make fun of me. That’s when I told him to stop being an asshole and make my f-ing drink.

Later that same day, J. and I went to the bar for a drink before dinner. I ordered a cocktail called “Island Breeze.” The waitress then corrected me, telling me it was pronounced “iceland.” I could have told her that she was wrong, but I played nice and asked her to just bring me the drink.

For a second, let’s forget about the fact that both of the bar staff were wrong in their knowledge. Let’s focus on the fact that they were lecturing a guest. How is that considered appropriate?

On the plus side, the service was bad that we got several drinks for free. How does that happen? The bartenders, who at each occurrence were at an otherwise empty bar and not doing anything, couldn’t be bothered to write up our bill. We’d go up to pay and they’d say, “Oh I’ll do it later.”

I figure we made up for the crap service in free drinks.

Still, I wouldn’t go back. I don’t need to pay a place to be rude to me. Next time, I’ll go back to Ocean Paradise, where we stayed three years ago.


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  1. Stephen Giddings says

    Something like that happened to me in Guatemala when I was told I spoke poor Spanish and Steve was a better speaker which is true, but I did not want to hear it from a waiter!  Stef

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