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Bizarre Bazaar Christmas Market

The other weekend, desperate to break free of U.S. election depression, we reached out to some friends. It was time to get out of the house. It was time to do something fun and see that there is still good in the world. It was time to snap out of that funk. (Not complacent, mind you. Just no longer being catatonic.)

They invited us to join them and some others at the Bizarre Bazaar in Karura Forest. The bazaar is held twice a year. There is one in June or July that is basically a crafts fair. Then there is one in November that is a Christmas Market.

Side Note: Normally I would have said a Christmas Market in November would be too early. I like to do one holiday at a time. However, we don’t do Thanksgiving in Nairobi. So, it’s all fair in my book.

The market was lovely. In the center there was food and drink—good German beer and food from Brew Bistro. There was a stage with various dances and performances. There were stands all around the perimeter. They sold everything from traditional Maasai jewellery to furniture to clothing to shoes and more food stalls. We got a hat for J. (because he forgot his and the sun was quite strong). I got a tunic, a necklace, and some cute beaded flip flops.

Most important, we got to spend a wonderful afternoon with friends outdoors and make some new friends. It was a great way to recover.

There will be a few more Christmas markets happening throughout Nairobi. I’m looking forward to checking them out.


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