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Review: Serena Inn Stone Town

We were only there for one night, but I have to say that the Serena Inn Stone Town was wonderful. It’s centrally located (yet still on the water) so it’s easy to go anywhere from the the hotel. It’s also easy to find your way back, even through the winding streets.

The key elements that I liked:

  • Great water pressure and hot water, which are must haves after spending a day walking around in the heat
  • Soft fluffy towels, for dying off after that much needed shower
  • Nice room
  • Great hair dryer, which those of us with long hair appreciate!
  • Excellent service

Again, we were just there for one night. There isn’t much more that I can add. But I would say that when we go back to Stone Town, we’ll definitely stay at the Serena again.

And yes, I took that photo because it reminded me of that one bar scene in The Mummy. (Unlike the movie, there were no old pilots or ageing belly dancers.)

Note: On the front of the hotel the sign says: Serena Inn. Everyone refers to it as the Serena Inn. But, within the Serena hotel company, it’s referred to as the Zanzibar Serena.



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