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We decided to go with Fly540 for our trip to Zanzibar. Overall, I have to say I like the airline. The flights were on time. The crew was nice. They served refreshments. It was better than most U.S. regional flights.

Also, the airline flies out of Terminal 2 at Jomo Kenyatta, which is a much easier terminal to deal with. Security was a breeze. It wasn’t crowded. It was a more or less pleasant experience at the terminal.

There were just two issues with the flight. The first is that the the flight was listed as direct, however it made a stop in Mombassa. I feel hat should have been made clear at the time of purchasing the ticket.

The other glitch is that the aisle is very narrow. In fact, it is so narrow that it cannot accommodate the width of the average posterior. Word to the wise, get a window seat or be prepared to have butts slam into you as people walk by.


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