Housing, Kenya
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For The Birds

We hear and see so many lovely birds out here in Kenya. We decided that we should get a bird feeder so that we can attract more birds. Finding a bird feeder was easy—they are sold at many roadside stands. Getting it set up was another story.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the feeder itself.


The top did have a rope for hanging the feeder. The problem was that we don’t have a place to hang it outside. Okay, no problem! We’ll get something that’s like a pole with a hook and put that into the ground and hand it off that pole. Or, see, how it’s flat on the bottom? We can put it on a flat surface like a plant stand (which we eventually did).

We searched long and hard for weeks and found neither a pole nor a plant stand. I finally went down to Ngong Road, on the other side of town, where all the iron works merchants are. There, with my trusted driver at my side, I haggled the cost down on the plant stand you see above.

It wasn’t easy. I went to a couple different place and walked away. Too many people thought I’d pay an inflated price. Nope! Not me! I did find someone who came down to my price and it all worked out.

Now we have our bird feeder up and ready. There’s millet out there for the birdies. So far, none have come, at least none that I have seen. I’m going to try putting more flowers around the feeder, that could attract them. We’ll see what happens.

After all that searching and haggling, I really hope my fine feathered friends come to feast!


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