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I Wore Pants Today

I went out to meet up with a friend several weeks ago. (Actually, this was to go check out the Michael Soi art show.) My usual driver couldn’t take me, so he had a colleague drive me there. I had driven with this person before and knew him. He’s seen me plenty of times.

When I got into his car, he looked at me and exclaimed, “You look beautiful!”

What a lovely compliment! I thanked him. Sadly, then, the moment was ruined.

“You’re usually kind of messy and in jeans or shorts,” he added.

Granted, this guy was young and didn’t know better. He didn’t realize that he just turned the compliment into an insult. He meant well.

I replied that he should have stopped at, “you look beautiful.” Then I laughed it off. He was right after all.

I work from home. I do leave the house. I don’t hang out in yoga pants all day. I shower daily, with soap and everything. I make sure I’m presentable. But, most of the times that driver has seen me, I have been in jean or shorts, no make up, and my hair not particularly styled. To be fair to myself, I look fine and I’m not a mess. But he’s never seen me make an effort with my appearance.

This kind of thing has happened to me before. I worked from home in New York for some time and it was the same issue. I was never sloppy in appearance, but I was casual. When I dressed up, people noticed.

I’m not looking to change who I am or live my life to please other people. However, maybe I can make a little more of an effort on a daily basis. I’ve been trying that and so far it’s been a good thing.

I’m wearing a broader variety of clothes, which does make better use of my wardrobe. I’ll put on a little make up before I head out—a little lip gloss never hurt anyone. The slight upgrade makes me feel a little happier. I feel put together and pretty. I didn’t feel bad or ugly before, but this does put a little bit of a spring in my step.

No one else has noticed, but that’s okay. I’m doing it for me.

I’m curious about this. Others who work from home on a regular basis, have you run into a similar situation? Please share through the comments box below. You can list your name as “anonymous” if you prefer to keep your yoga pants habit private. 

This post is dedicated to Scott Chow.

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