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A Day At The Hub

Courtyard at The Hub Karen

We spent a Sunday exploring The Hub in Karen a few weeks ago. Yes, it’s just a mall. No, a mall in itself is not exciting. However, it was still a nice outing.

For starters, it was a really nice day to be out and about. The mall is very open so you get to spend some time outside if not in the great outdoors. Also, in Nairobi, you don’t get to walk around much. We really miss that.

In New York, we walked everywhere. Now, it’s all driving. Being about to walk around felt like a treat.

The other nice part was Carrefour. We majorly stocked up. We ran into a colleague of J.’s and she, looking at our cart, asked if we were preparing for the apocalypse. She’s new to Nairobi. She’ll learn to hoard soon enough.

That said, we might have overstocked. Scratch that. There is no such thing! We’ll be good for a while. Given that we live on the opposite side of town and don’t head down to Karen much, hoarding was the right thing to do.

We also tried out Roast by Carnivore, a smaller outpost of the Carnivore restaurant (I still haven’t been there). It was decent, but not a good place for vegetarians or vegans. (Good thing we eat everything.)

Hub - 4

Yes, we did double the meat. It’s okay. We walked it off.




  1. hej! nice blog šŸ™‚ but why are you guys not walking as much as you like there?. is it due to safety issues?. I am coming there in a week, so I just wonder šŸ™‚ thanks. Viki



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