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A Rose is a Rose

Roses from Naivasha

I have never  been into flowers. I simply had no interest. Then, we took a trip up country to Naivasha and came back with the most beautiful roses ever. They were gorgeous and lasted over two weeks. I developed an appreciation for flowers and fell in love with roses.

More roses from the trip to Naivasha

More roses from the trip to Naivasha

I went over to the Kitengela shop in The Village Market and bought a vase. I was going start getting flowers every week or two. I thought it would be so easy. After all, Kenya is a big player in the international flower industry and is known for her roses. Kenya is number five among the countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of flower bouquet in 2015 according to a report by According to the Kenya Floriculture Industry, Kenya is the lead exporter of rose cut flowers to the European Union (EU) with a market share of about 38%. I should be able to get great roses easily.

Wrong! So wrong. I’ve been able to get roses, but not all the time. When I do get them, they are not always good. I’ve tried different places. I’ve learned how to pick a good bunch of stems. I cannot find any place that consistently sells quality roses.

I don’t know why this is. It’s possible that the best roses are exported and then what’s left is sold within the country. It’s possible that the roses I got in Naivasha were cut that very morning and were the most beautiful and freshest flowers I’ll ever enjoy.

I did try to expand to other flowers. Mums really don’t do it for me. I decided I don’t like lilies—they get too messy with the pollen. (I am a neat freak.) I think calla lilies look like tampons (at least the white ones). Birds of paradise are nice but not really my thing. I just want roses.

I’ll continue my quest. In the meantime, here are some photos of the various bouquets that I have tried.

Rose in full bloom

This one did well.

Rose in partial bloom

This is from a bunch that didn’t quite fully bloom.

Pink and white roses

My latest bunch. Whites did very well. Pink ones didn’t bloom.


These never bloomed


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