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Sunset Scarf

In a prior post, I wrote about the yarn limitations in Nairobi. While things are still limited, I have found some decent yarn. Spinner’s Web does have some nice, soft yarn!

It’s hand spun and hand dyed. There are no chemicals used. It’s super soft and had a nice feel, making it great to work with. The only catch is is that it’s not an even weight. There are some thin parts, some chunky parts, and everything in between.

This made it a little hard to figure out what to make with it. A lot of patterns didn’t work because of how the yarn weight varies. After  a lot of trial and error, I came up with some workable ideas.

In the main photo, we have a scarf. I’m using yarn doubled up, going from yellow/orange, to double orange, to re/orange. It’s a simple seed stitch pattern and the texture of the yarn works well with it. I’m calling it the Sunset Scarf.

I’m making it part of a collection, so to speak. The Kenya Collection will have this scarf, another yellow scarf, a red scarf, and these two hats:

Knitting - 1 (1)Knitting - 2

The hats follow The Knitting Club’s Hat pattern from The Yarn Girl’s Guide to Simple Knits. I made some adjustments for the yarn weight, but overall that’s the pattern I followed.

This collection, once finished, will be sent to my Carol back in New York.

Many years ago I knitted a seahorse for her then infant daughter and added in a knitted ribbon with leftover yarn. Her daughter fell in love with the ribbon (no feedback on the seahorse) and wears it to this day, calling it her special scarf. It’s been a few years and it’s about time she got a proper scarf! Also, she has a younger sister for whom I have yet to knit. This collection to take care of all that.

Hopefully they’ll like the items and keep warm during the next Polar Vortex winter.



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