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Manera Farm

In my prior post I wrote about our hike up Mount Longonot. After that hike, we went for a late lunch (okay, we didn’t eat until around 4 or 4:30) at Manera Farm. I was a bit worried as we were a dusty, dirty, sweaty mess. I knew they ran a B&B and hoped that maybe we could clean up and maybe even shower before we ate.

I need not worry. We did clean up a little, but there was no need. The restaurant at the farm was outdoor and we dined at a picnic table. It was open and breezy and we could enjoy our meal without feeling self conscious.

The food was really great. Our friends, who had been there before, called ahead to order the special slow cooked pork ribs. They were AMAZING! There was also roasted rosemary potatoes, brick oven pizza, salad, and cheese. There are other options on the menu, but that was what we had planned for ahead of time. It was the perfect meal after a long hike that took a lot out of us.

The farm is a working farm and they do have their restaurant, but they offer a lot more. They also run a B&B, offer guided bird watching, bike trekking, drives along Lake Naivasha, and even night game drives right on the farm. How is that last one possible? At night, wild animals including buffalo and hippos (who come out of the lake at night) wander around the farm.

longonot - 21.jpg

Driving onto the farm

The owners are a wonderful and very friendly couple. The woman, originally from Peru has been in Kenya for most of her life. Her husband, originally Italian, has also been in Kenya for a while. In addition to running the farm and side businesses, they also do a lot for the local community. They host events and run vocational training so that local farmers can improve their farming techniques.

When we went, they were hosting a tractor show. If you check out Manera Farm’s Facebook page  you can see more about that.

For more information or for bookings, you can go to either their site or Facebook page. They are also on Airbnb.




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