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The Garden Grows

Herb Garden

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve killed every plant I’ve ever had. I was told that everything grows in Kenya, so I decided to try again. I am pleased to report that this is true. Even I, the Garden’s Angel of Death, have succeeded with gardening in Kenya.

Mind you, I’m going slow. I’ve stuck to potted herbs. They haven’t just done well—they have thrived. Here they are close up:

Garden - 3

Basil, my first herb, is growing like crazy!

Garden - 2

Cilantro is doing well – started from seeds, by the way.

Garden - 4

Two kind of mint.

Garden - 5


It’s going so well that I decided to expand. I took in two aloe vera plants from a friend who is leaving Nairobi.

Garden - 6.jpg

The smaller on is going to be re-potted into the pot on the left.


I should note that I am getting help from our gardener, who comes once a week. He’s guiding me on how to care for the plants. I’m not doing much, to tell you the truth. I’m letting nature do its thing.

Should the herbs continue to thrive and should the aloe vera survive, I will expand further. Dare I dream? I want to try a vegetable garden. I’m thinking of growing zucchini, tomato, and kale. But, we’ll see. I’ll need some advice on good starter vegetables. (Of course they’ll need to be vegetables I like, so no okra or eggplant.)

In the meantime, I’m enjoying my garden.

Garden - 7.jpg

My happy place.


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