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Safari in Samburu


I have been in Kenya for long enough, and have been on enough game drives, to now be totally spoiled when it comes to safaris. Yet, I was awestruck by our experience in Samburu. I went with high expectations and I was very impressed.

The parks we went to were the Buffalo Springs National Reserve and the Samburu National Reserve. They are adjacent to one another, separated by the Ewaso Ngiro River. We went in the dry season, but, because of the river, we still saw a lot of animals.

Side Note: Apparently Samburu is also good in the rainy season. It rains for a bit and then stops. The plans don’t flood. Instead, the river overflows onto its banks and then into tributaries. It doesn’t become a mud pit like the Mara during the rains.

Animals we saw included cheetah (duma in Swahili—I learned a new word), tons of elephants, troops and troops of baboon, Grant Gazelle, zebra, oryx, crocodile, impala, and many types of birds. We also saw some new animals (new for us). We saw the gerenuk, or giraffe gazelle (named for its long neck) and the kudu, a kind of antelope.

We saw so many elephants that I am giving them their own post. That will be coming up next. I’ll also post video from the safari soon. In the meantime, here are some pictures.


Sun Fowl




Dik dik


Samburu Guinea Fowl









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  2. Love Samburu but haven’t been there in ages. We stayed there about 10 years ago and watched a leopard stalk through the camp from our bedroom window at Serena Hotel. It’s also it’s a great idea to get out of Nairobi and off to somewhere warm in July and August while the weather is grey. Great video!!

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