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Review of Ashnil Samburu Camp

Ashnil Sign

For J.’s birthday we went up to Samburu for a four day safari. We stayed at the Ashnil Samburu Camp, my first tented camp! Mind you, this isn’t camping. I don’t camp. This is glamping.

Ashnil did not disappoint! First of all, the grounds were really nice. The main area was open and comfortable. The pool area was small but also very nice.

Samburu - 32Samburu - 34

Our “tent” was lovely and spacious. The wonderful features of our tent included:

  • Queen size comfortable bed with nice sheets and pillows
  • Beautiful tiles bathroom with a vichy shower and soft towels
  • Electricity
  • hot water
  • A patio

Here are some photos of our tent:

Samburu - 38Samburu - 39

Samburu - 3Samburu - 4Samburu - 41

Service was excellent. We were so pampered! There weren’t many people there so we got extra attention.

The food was great. Cuisine was a mix of continental European, Kenyan, and Indian. And, you got a view with your meal as the camp is along a river where the animals come by to drink.

I did not capture this on camera, but we got a show at lunch one day. A crocodile got really close to getting his own lunch of an oryx. He got the snout of the oryx but the oryx got away. The sight and sounds of an almost kill was really exciting—not a bad lunchtime show!

Also providing a show was the wildlife that came right up to our tent. One morning we were greeted by a herd of elephants eating their breakfast just across from our tent.

Samburu - 1 (1).jpg

And, of course, we had monkeys. These guys came right up to the porch. They hung out there quite a bit.

Samburu - 2Samburu - 7Samburu - 1

That’s why they have this on the zippered entrance to the patio:

Samburu - 6

The monkeys had figured out how to unzip the entrance. The carabiner clip is keeping them out for now. I am convinced that it’s only a matter of time before they figure out how to bypass this.

As I mentioned, it’s working for now. No monkeys got into our room. In fact, while there were a good number of monkeys, we were never harassed by them. The groundskeepers at the Ashnil were able to keep them at bay.

Overall, it was a great stay. I can’t think of anything negative to say. The entire experience was fantastic!

In my next post I’ll write about what we saw on our game drives and nature walk in Samburu.





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