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Review: 45 Degrees Kitchen

We had heard a lot of buzz about 45 Degrees Kitchen, a relatively new restaurant in Nairobi. It was okay—a solid B. The service was great, with Chef Harold Sena-akoto coming out to great us. The food was organic and very farm-to-table in style. We enjoyed our meals but it didn’t live up to the hype.

That said, it was still a good meal. I won’t go too much into what we ate as the menu changes frequently. And, that is the beauty of the place. The food is fresh, carefully chosen, and carefully prepared.

The menu is crafted so that you can go with a four course meal with or without a wine pairing, or you can go a la carte. A few of the people at our table went with the four courses and some of us went a la carte. There was no problem. (It’s not required to have the whole table go in.)

The atmosphere was fantastic great. It’s big and spacious. You feel like you’re on a farm, maybe more an estate. It’s open and you can see the vegetable garden in the background. (There is indoor seating as well but we chose to dine outside.)

The menu could have been better designed. It was a bit small, making it hard to read. It could have also been formatted better for better readability in terms of how the pages were laid out. Mind you, it was just printed out sheets of paper—an ever-changing, fresh menu requires that. So, I understand the lack of formatting. But perhaps a designer could help them with a formatting template to make the menu a little easier to understand. (Hint: I’d gladly help!)


As I said, a B grade. Great service, setting, and concept. But the food itself didn’t wow us.


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