Month: August 2016

Michael Soi Show

Last week I joined a friend for an art show at the Circle Art Gallery in Lavington. Circle Art Gallery is an art space that showcases local artists from across East Africa. We saw Michael Soi’s show: The Women in My Life. The series is a response to criticism he received in the past as his work had been misconstrued as demeaning to women. It’s intended to celebrate the important women in his life. Here are a couple pieces from the show. Pardon the angles. These were taken with my iPhone, with a drink in the other hand. The show runs from 24 August through 9 September. If you’re in Nairobi, you should pop in to see it. The gallery is open weekdays 10 am to 5pm and Saturdays 12 pm to 5 pm. It’s located at 910 James Gichuru Road in Lavington, not far from the Lavington Mall.

Herb Garden

The Garden Grows

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve killed every plant I’ve ever had. I was told that everything grows in Kenya, so I decided to try again. I am pleased to report that this is true. Even I, the Garden’s Angel of Death, have succeeded with gardening in Kenya. Mind you, I’m going slow. I’ve stuck to potted herbs. They haven’t just done well—they have thrived. Here they are close up: It’s going so well that I decided to expand. I took in two aloe vera plants from a friend who is leaving Nairobi.   I should note that I am getting help from our gardener, who comes once a week. He’s guiding me on how to care for the plants. I’m not doing much, to tell you the truth. I’m letting nature do its thing. Should the herbs continue to thrive and should the aloe vera survive, I will expand further. Dare I dream? I want to try a vegetable garden. I’m thinking of growing zucchini, tomato, and kale. But, we’ll see. I’ll need some advice …

election icons


This U.S. election is very important this year. My fellow Americans abroad, please make sure to vote. Rules vary state by state, but it’s not that difficult. In fact, even if you no longer have residency in any state, you can still vote in the presidential election. I just learned of a website that very clearly guides you through the overseas voting process: Check it out. Also, you go to for more details state by state. It’s not too late to get the process going so that you are eligible to vote. Do it today if you’re not already set up for this. Your vote matters!  

Wilson Airport

Review: Air Kenya

Now that I’ve flown Air Kenya a few times, I feel as though I can give it a review: I love it! Our round trip flights from Wilson Airport in Nairobi to Ukunda Airstrip in Diani and to the Buffalo Springs Airstrip in Samburu were both great. The rides were smooth even though we flew in small planes. The pilots were fantastic, and, I’m happy to say, Air Kenya hires a lot of female pilots. Granted, when you go out to the smaller airstrips, you need to work with whatever is available there. At Wilson Airport, you’ll have a comfortable lounge with wifi, a small restaurant, and ample seating. Also the bathrooms are clean and well serviced, something I can’t say for LGA in New York. (I’ve traveled the world and the worst bathrooms I’ve encountered are at LGA. Maybe the people running JFK can help them out.) For good service, a safe flight, and on time travel, you can’t beat Air Kenya.