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The Treehouse

Many moons ago, teenaged J. would go out to the Toonna Tree, a club on Museum Hill in Nairobi. The Toonna Tree became the Treehouse. The Treehouse closed in 2012. Now, it’s back. We went to the grand opening a few weeks ago.

Opening night pulled in a large crowd, and a fun one. The music was good and they had some good bands for opening night. They even had Sauti Sol, a popular Kenyan band, as the main act.

For J., it was a trip down memory lane. For me, it was a fun night out.

It’s a great club and I recommend checking it out. There’s just one catch: the parking lot area. It’s dark and big with lots of hiding places. Be careful as you leave. Don’t rely on finding a cab. Make sure to use a driver you know and trust. In the club, it’s safe. But that parking lot is not a good place to be waiting or walking around.

Here are some pictures from that night.

Treehouse - 4Treehouse - 3Treehouse - 2Treehouse - 5Treehouse - 6




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