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Posts for The Testicular Cancer Foundation

The Testicular Cancer Foundation provides education and support for cancer patients and their families. They recently started a new blog and requested some guest writers. With J.’s approval, I wrote a series of posts from a caregiver’s point of view.

I wrote openly and honestly. It was harder to do than I thought it would be. A lot of the emotions I felt at the time of my husband’s diagnosis and surgeries all came rushing back. It was still a good thing do—I remember how helpful any bit of caregiver information was for me. I hope that what I shared can be helpful for someone else.

If you’re interested, you can read the series. If you know someone going through this form of cancer or someone who is a caregiver, please pass this along. Here is the series of posts:

The Initial Diagnosis

Deciding on a Course of Treatment

The Surgery (contains some graphic images)

The Recovery Period (contains a slightly less graphic image)

Adjusting to the New Normal

Another Life Change

Testicular cancer is considered a rare cancer. It usually affects males aged 15-34, but it can appear at any time. It’s not something discussed much and most men are never taught to do self exams.

Do the self exam. Early detection makes all the difference. To learn more, please visit The Testicular Cancer Foundation.



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