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Diving in Diani

In a prior post I gave a review of the dive shop we used in Diani: Diving the Crab, an excellent dive shop. In this post I’ll review the diving itself. In short, really good but not the best conditions.

We went off season and so the currents were strong, water a bit rough, and visibility was poor. There was a lot of algae in the water. There was a lot of surge. And, you know what? It was still pretty cool.

The reef is very healthy. Coral is abundant. The marine life is spectacular. We saw mantis shrimps scurrying about (I’ve never seen them out of there hiding spots before). We saw about a dozen turtles (over only two dives). We saw an eel and we also saw a few rays.

There is a lot to see there and we are most definitely going back when the diving season is in its prime.

We didn’t take our usual camera gear but we did take a GoPro. It was our first time with the GoPro and, as I mentioned, conditions were poor. It’s not the best video. But, nonetheless, here is a glimpse of what we saw diving in Diani:


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