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Review of Diving the Crab


We did two dives one morning during our stay in Diani. We researched dive operators and were happy that one of the top two, Diving the Crab, had a location at The Baobab Beach Resort. I’m happy to say that Diving the Crab is a great dive shop.

The first thing that put a smile on my face was learning that snorkelers do not go out on these boats. It’s diving only. This is worth noting if you want to bring snorkelers along—you’ll want to go with another operator. But, if you’re a serious diver, then this news should be music to your ears.

The next thing is how organized everything was. The shop is very well managed as are the boats. This makes sense as they offer instruction as well as running dive trips. But then, not all places that offer instruction are good. This one is.

Because we were only doing one day of diving, we rented gear. We had our own dive computers and masks but needed to rent fins, BCD, shorties, and regulators. I’m happy to say that the gear was in good shape. No leaky regs. No faulty gauges. Everything worked great. Even my fins felt good.

The boat was good as was the crew. We went off season so we were the only two people on the boat, but we still got full service.

We didn’t take our usual camera gear and so we didn’t check ahead about camera buckets. There wasn’t one on the boat, but we’re going to ask about it as we’d like to go back for a proper dive trip in Diani. I have a feeling they’ll provide one if you tell them ahead of time.

One thing to note: They no longer have Nitrox. They used to, but the equipment broke and, given the steep decline in tourism, it wasn’t worth getting it fixed. For one day of diving, this didn’t affect us. On a full dive trip…well, we’ll just have to deal with it.

Overall, a five star shop and I would dive with them any day!


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