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Review of the Baobab Beach Resort

Baobab Beach Resort

We decided to stay at the Baobab Beach Resort during our vacation in Diani. Overall, the resort was nice and we enjoyed our stay. There were a couple things that were annoying, but I’ll start with the good.

The decor and artwork is gorgeous. The grounds were really nice. You felt at one with nature.

Our room—we got a beach bungalow—was nice. It was spacious and private. Here are some photos of the room:

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We also had a great view from the balcony.


The beach area by the Baobab was nice, pristine even. The resort does a good job at keeping the vendors on the beach and not coming close to the resort. Also, there were no looky looky boys.

There are a few things worth noting about the resort:

  • It is actually part of a collection of three resorts, the other two being Kole Kole and Maridadi.
  • The inifinity pools are by the Kole Kole and Maridadi side. Kole Kole, in my opinion, offers the better infinity pool. I base that off of the view.
  • The beach lounging area is near the Baobab beach bungalows (if you want some beach access that is still part of the resort—you can always go out to the public beach as well)
  • There is no room service.
  • When the kitchen closes after dinner, there is no more food. The bars will be open but there is no late night snacks.
  • Diving the Crab, an excellent dive shop, has a location on the premises of the resort and boats leave from the resort.

Also, I should mention the monkeys. They are everywhere. They are fearless. They will steal food away from you. (This was an issue during afternoon tea time. A monkey ran right up to me and made off with my snack.)


Monkey near the Maridadi pool


View from the Maridadi Pool

There are signs everywhere for people to be on guard and to not feed the monkeys. The issue is not only the nuisance of it (or threat of monkey bite). People food can make monkeys sick.

Another critter you will see is the Bush Baby. They will be in the dining room every single night. They are out for food as well. Full disclosure: we did feed one. But we fed it a banana, which is part of its natural diet.


Bush baby at dinner

As I mentioned above, overall the resort was good. However, there were two things that would make me think twice before going back.

First, the food wasn’t very good. There aren’t many healthy options. Yes, I was on vacation. But, does everything need to be fried? Yuck!

On one night there was amazing food. There was fresh steamed crab and wonderful oysters. It was soooooo good! However, that was just one night.

I had hoped for more seafood. Scratch that. There was seafood every day. It just happened to be deep fried and/or heavily battered. Double yuck!

Maybe it was the accumulation of bad food or it was the dinner on our last night (combination of the two?), but whatever the case, I got very ill from the food. The return flight was tough. I was sick a couple days.

The other issue I had was with the service. Mostly good, but there was an incident that made me knock a few stars off their review.

Housekeeping forgot to come clean our room. Fine—It happens. I called to tell reception this and ask if we could simple get some fresh towels. They said they’d send some right away.

After a while, we called again. They assured us it was on the way. Still no towels. We called again and they said that our do not disturb sign was on all day and that was why we didn’t have the room cleaned. Not true…but what about those towels? The person on the phone then told me that he’d send someone eventually. So, he lied to us the first two time we called.

I wound up going to reception and staying there until the towels were sent. While there, I caught them out on a couple more lies.

“The towels are there now.” A call to the room proved otherwise.

“They’ll be there soon. Housekeeping is right near your room.” When I asked if I can go pick them up myself, the person told me that actually Houskeeping was not near my room.

Things happen. Sometimes Housekeeping accidentally misses a room. It’s not a big deal and things like this can easily be resolved. What I don’t appreciate is someone lying to me about it.

I wish that the people at reception hadn’t put me through that ordeal and just sent the towels when I first asked. I also wish the food had been better. Are those two things enough to keep me from going back? Probably.

It wasn’t a bad stay overall. We had a good vacation. But I am pretty sure that the next time we go to Diani it’ll be at a different resort.




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