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Diani Beach

Camels on the beach

After a few stressful months, we decided to do a beach getaway. Destination: Diani Beach. It was just what we needed.

It was a short and easy flight from Wilson Airport in Nairobi to Ukanda Airstrip in Diani.


Coming in for a landing.


Ukunda Airstrip

From there, we were picked up by our hotel shuttle and we took a short ride to the Baobab Beach Resort (full report on that in a future post).

What did we do on this vacation?

There was a lot of lazing about and napping. We did some reading. One thing to note on this: take extra books if you are a voracious reader like me. I went through my two books. (Well, I was halfway through one before we left.) I had expected a library at the resort—leave a book take a book sort of thing.

There was a library. The problem is that most of the books were in German. Some were in Italian. I found one crappy book in English and read it just to have something to read. I finished that one too. I need to pack more books. I better stock up on more paperbacks.

We did get up and move about a bit. There was, of course, a little diving. We only did one morning (two dives). I’ll write more about that in a future post.

We splashed around the infinity pools, people watched, monkey watched…yes, monkeys. There are tons of monkeys. We walked along the beach and swam in the ocean. There were no monkeys at the beach, but there were camels.


Camels at the beach.

I had been on camels before, but I felt like taking a short ride. A very short one. I really just wanted a photo on the camel. The camel handler (I’ve decided that’s what he is) tried to coerce me into going for a full ride once I was on, but I put a stop to that.

Important fact about camels: they poop a crap ton. There was a long trail of camel dropping on the beach, so you need to be careful. Thankfully this was fully washed away with each high tide.

Other than that, the beach was perfect. The sand was soft. The water was lovely. We had decent weather.

There were vendors trying to sell their wares or rides on their glass-bottom boats. They weren’t obnoxious though. They left you alone if you waved them off. Here’s a tip: don’t give them the silent treatment. They’ll assume you don’t understand them and they’ll simply switch to another language. These vendors are conversational if not close to fluent in Swahili, English, German, French, and English.

Bonus: no looky looky boys. I had expected at least one or two but there were none. Ladies, you can walk safely without anyone harassing you on the beach.*

Along the beach there were little caves and inlets created by the water. We walked along and explored some of them, looking at little critters along the way.

It was a really nice break and we’ll be sure to go back to Diani.

* Do still be careful. There are Brock Turner assholes no matter where in the world you go. In case you don’t follow U.S. news, Brock Turner is a convicted rapist in the United States who walked away with a mere six month prison sentence.


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