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Checking Out Carrefour


Carrefour recently opened in Nairobi (at The Hub in Karen) and it is causing quite a stir! We checked it out after our drive through Nairobi National Park. We meant to just give a quick view since we were about to leave for the coast soon. We wound up doing a lot more than that.

We went through the entire store to see everything it had to offer. Overall, we were a little disappointed. We heard so many great things about it; we expected more. In particular, we had hoped for some more French brands (or other new brands) but much of what is there can be bought elsewhere in Nairobi.

However, that’s not to say that it wasn’t worth the trip or that we wouldn’t go back—in fact, we’ll be making regular trips out there.

From the main photo, you can see that the fresh fruit and vegetable selection is good. We can get that elsewhere, but it’s still a plus. The same holds true for the meats. The main draw is twofold: the cheese selection and the frozen foods.

Carrefour - 3

Frozen treats

Carrefour - 4


Carrefour - 5

And some really good cheese!

I 0nly took a photo of the frozen desserts (had to be sneaky about it as photography is not allowed in the store), but the frozen vegetable selection is amazing too. I found and stocked up on hoarded frozen cauliflower florets.

I can’t eat grains. I’m not a huge potato fan. Cauliflower, which is not always available, is a key staple in my diet. I’d go back for that alone. But there are other great frozen vegetables and fruit that you can’t get elsewhere.

If you like frozen dinners, pizzas, or kid-friendly finger foods, you will want to come here. I think that’s what a lot of the hype was about. There are a lot of things that will appeal to parents that are scarce or unavailable anywhere else.

The cheese selection is also really great. They have a good variety of quality packaged cheese as well as an AMAZING proper cheese and charcuterie section. I also think I found some real bacon. I bought two packages for when we get back from the coast.

We’ll be going back for sure. In fact, I feel this store warrants us purchasing a deep freezer. Let the Carrefour hoarding begin!


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